Technical parts

Presses from 80 T to 500 T

Our injection molding machines can manufacture a wide range of technical parts from all thermoplastic materials:

Our presses are well suited for every type of part; boxes, caps, wafers, containers, fasteners, lids and any other injection molded product. We have the peripheral equipment to ensure that the injection process is performed in the best conditions.

  • Dryers for hygroscopic material
  • Mold Heater
  • Robots to take the parts out of the mold
  • Automated gate cutting, with laser, with milling machine.
  • Gravimetric mixer
  • Granulators for automatic recycling
  • Conveyors
  • Customized packaging

For worry-free service, take advantage of turnkey production, which includes 3D prototype design, mold making, and small to large volume production. We even help you choose the type of resin and injection method that will optimize the finished product.

Our experts in the injection process have a perfect command of the production line and set up the winning conditions so that the molded parts meet your requirements.

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Technical expertise

Our 80 ton to 500 ton presses can produce parts from a few grams to 1.5 kilograms.

At Quadratec Injection, excellence doesn’t just apply to finished products. We are constantly improving our processes, equipment and services in order to always offer the best to our customers.

As the plastics industry evolves at a rapid pace, choosing new resins is one of our strengths at Quadratec Injection. We are always on the lookout for new technologies and new materials to offer our customers the best solutions;

It is therefore essential that we select the material together to ensure that the finished product adequately meets the physical and environmental constraints to which it will be exposed. Our advisors will be at your side for a judicious choice. Our quality assurance experts, equipped with precision tools and samples, ensure the conformity of castings during production, with a compliance rate of over 99%. We can also design a customized quality inspection program to meet your requirements.


We always get a favorable response to our last minute requests for a color change or production change, I like the flexibility of Quadratec, it helps us be more efficient.

Robert, Production planner for an industrial manufacturer

My original design was not feasible. Quadratec's development team was able to make the necessary modifications to reduce the amount of plastic while making my design more rigid. The cost is less than I had estimated, and I am very pleased.

Michel, New Product Coordinator

We send our molds to Quadratec and they produce for us when our presses are all busy. They are efficient, very knowledgeable and we have worked well together for over 15 years.

Francois, Quality manager for a lighting parts manufacturer

Orders delivered on time.
My job is to place orders based on our needs with several suppliers. With Quadratec, I never have any problems, and they always meet the deadlines, which makes my job easier.

Benoit, Buyer for a manufacturer of seasonal products

My previous molder was causing me a lot of problems by having very poor quality control. Since my products are manufactured here, I have no feedback from my customers. Well done and thank you!

Karen, Owner of a household products company