Our mission

To participate in the success of our North American customers by manufacturing high quality thermoplastic parts through an industrial injection process.

Our vision

To be a committed and proactive partner for all our customers, focusing on long-term prosperity while respecting the environment and quality and safety standards.

Quadratec at a glance

Quadratec Injection has been manufacturing high quality thermoplastic engineering parts and optical components since 2001. We use engineered materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and virgin and recycled commodity materials as base materials. We offer the possibility to manufacture some parts with plant-based materials such as PLA and other non-fossil fuel compounds such as bio-based plastics.

Our sense of innovation and our technical and relational skills are used to manufacture resin parts according to your criteria, while rigorously following the standards of the plastic transformation industry.

Our machines run continuously, 24/7, to keep your shipping times as short as possible, because we understand the impact of delays on a product's marketability.

Our values

Our Montreal-based company is on a human scale, which facilitates flexibility, responsiveness and communication with our clients, partners and employees.

In our company, values guide our decisions and actions. They are our pillar on which we rely to envision the future and are based on:


From one end of the production chain to the other, our employees, specialists in their field, are transparent with our customers. Honesty and authenticity are at the heart of our exchanges, which contributes to building a long-term relationship of trust and customer loyalty.


At Quadratec Injection, we work together as a team to achieve our common goal of delivering products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Each member of the team contributes his or her expertise, shares his or her opinion, listens to his or her colleagues, and recognizes the contributions of others.


Our staff's commitment to excellence is essential to the success of the company. By applying proven work methods, we achieve industry-leading product quality. By focusing on excellence, we enrich our relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.


The exchange of new ideas within the staff is encouraged. It is through them that we find solutions to internal and external issues. We increase our productivity, bypass obstacles and become more profitable.


Each member of the Quadratec Injection staff keeps his or her commitments, respects deadlines and procedures, and is consistent with his or her intentions to achieve his or her goals. As a group, rigor has a broader scope, since through the accuracy, precision and perseverance of each person, we achieve a quality of products and services that our customers love.

Our markets

Quadratec Injection deploys all its know-how in several markets:



Consumer products

Food industry


Our team

Quadratec's team members are involved in all stages of your project. We would like to introduce you to our experts and consultants:


General Management


Production Direction


Sales Representative


Project management


Customer Service


Controller and Human Resources

Here is the production team


Our company benefits from the expertise and experience of its French partner, the Gaggione Group, which makes a significant contribution to our product and service offering, particularly for the optical sector.

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Our history


Foundation of the company: by 4 partners and 4 machines at the start, hence the inspiration for the name Quadratec


Start of subcontracted production for Mega Block, toy manufacturer


Expansion of the machine park to reach 10 presses according to the demand of our new customers


Purchase of a 660T press and increase of our surface to nearly 18 000 square feet


Beginning of the partnership and takeover by the Gaggione Group, world leader in the development and manufacture of optical components


Expansion of the factory and creation of a clean room for the manufacture of optical components with 2 automated presses


Addition of 2 presses in the optical workshop


Administrative restructuring and implementation of a new strategic vision


Maintaining production during the pandemic


Establishment of the product development & molds department