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From your drawings to production

The shortest path from your idea to your product: Our expertise

Our development team will guide you in the design of the 3D drawings of your product and the manufacturing of the molds. We provide relevant technical advice on all aspects (conception and design, choice of materials, industrialization of concepts) taking into account your criteria, the type of parts and the environment in which they will be installed.

We guarantee our customers a short production time and respect the submitted price and the ordered quantity: no bad surprises!

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The height of customization

Quadratec Injection has been manufacturing high quality thermoplastic engineering parts and optical components since 2001 using an injection molding process. We use engineered materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate and plant-based materials, and virgin and recycled commodity materials as base materials.

Our innovation, technical and interpersonal skills are used to manufacture resin parts to your specifications, strictly following the standards of the plastics processing industry.

Our machines run continuously to keep your turnaround times as short as possible, because we understand the impact of delays on the marketing of a product.


We always get a favorable response to our last minute requests for a color change or production change, I like the flexibility of Quadratec, it helps us be more efficient.

Robert, Production planner for an industrial manufacturer

My original design was not feasible. Quadratec's development team was able to make the necessary modifications to reduce the amount of plastic while making my design more rigid. The cost is less than I had estimated, and I am very pleased.

Michel, New Product Coordinator

We send our molds to Quadratec and they produce for us when our presses are all busy. They are efficient, very knowledgeable and we have worked well together for over 15 years.

Francois, Quality manager for a lighting parts manufacturer

Orders delivered on time.
My job is to place orders based on our needs with several suppliers. With Quadratec, I never have any problems, and they always meet the deadlines, which makes my job easier.

Benoit, Buyer for a manufacturer of seasonal products

My previous molder was causing me a lot of problems by having very poor quality control. Since my products are manufactured here, I have no feedback from my customers. Well done and thank you!

Karen, Owner of a household products company