Quadratec Injection operates

For over 20 years in the thermoplastic injection molding industry.

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Our services

More and more of our customers are choosing to manufacture their parts in North America, which has become an economical and ecological choice. This ensures that transportation costs from Asia, which have become too important in the price of parts, are eliminated, and Quadratec guarantees its customers shorter manufacturing lead times.

We offer our customers exceptionally efficient services, such as plastic part design, mold design and manufacturing, to provide optimized industrialization of concepts and custom manufacturing.

Industries Served

Industrial sectors


Consumer Products



Moulding of Technical Parts

We use presses from 80 T to 500 T, for parts up to 1.5 Kg;

The resins used at Quadratec Injection :

  • Engineering materials such as PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, PA 6, PA 12, ABS, ASA, PBT, PPS, POM, TPV, TPE and TPU
  • Virgin and recycled commodity materials such as PE, PP, PS and SAN.


Industrial and consumer parts| Outdoor/Indoor spaces | Various plastic objects

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Other Services


Transparent parts to control light beams: technical and/or artistic rendering.
We offer standard and custom parts developed by our optical engineers.

Custom Products

From your drawings or prototype, we manage all the process to the production of your parts.

Subcontracting Molding

We produce for you and manage your molds. The clamping forces of our machines range from 80 to 500 tons.

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About us

Quadratec Injection has been operating for more than 20 years in the thermoplastic injection molding industry.

We work with our customers throughout the process from their idea to their products: design of manufacturing processes, mold making, material testing, production and assembly.

In 2011, we started a partnership with Gaggione and became the exclusive manufacturer of their optical lenses for the North American market.

Our strength is to combine our partner’s outstanding engineers team’s expertise with our strong know-how in molding.
We believe that the keys to success lay in our sense of innovation together with our accuracy.

of our clients are lighting specialists
molds are used for our productions
different resins including several recycled ones
0/ 7
our machines work 24h/24, 7days/7

Our Values : Collaboration, Teamwork, Excellence.

At Quadratec, we believe that everyone’s talent is part of our excellence. Therefore, we promote talents’ collaboration by raising team spirit at the center of our work.

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